Discovering Dalí
Jack Bond
United Kingdom

Filmmaker Jack Bond revisits his 1965 film, 'Dalí in New York', the only film ever made with the legendary artist Salvador Dalí.

Jack travels to Stockholm, Sweden where the Moderna Museet are holding an exhibition of Dalí's work. Their screening of Dalí in New York leads Jack to explore the enigmatic character of Dalí and the surreal nature of his own films. 

As part of his investigation Jack discusses Dalí and his work with museum curators and art historians.

Whilst Jack drives through Stockholm and the Swedish countryside in the snow, he reminisces about his friendship with Salvador Dalí and the making of his film. 

Through the journey Jack discovers the influence Dalí had on his own filmmaking and learns more about the personality and politics of the great surrealist.

An original and stylish documentary. Highly cinematic and stunningly photographed. Discovering Dalí features striking footage from Hitchcock’s 'Spellbound' and 'Un Chien Andalou', extracts from 'Dalí in New York' and Jack Bond‘s films influenced by surrealism.