Friday 26th January 2018

Martin Luther King - Marked Man

Martin Luther King Jr helped drive change in America in the face of bitter opposition.  King was subjected to a fierce campaign of intimidation by J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI.  So extreme was it that to this day some suspect government involvement in Kings assassination.

This new documentary  is being produced for the 50th anniversary of MLK's assassination April 4th 2018

Filming in the UK and USA the contributors include

Dorothy Cotton - Close friend and colleague of Martin Luther King
Congressman John Lewis - Friend and fellow Civil Rights activist
Tim Weiner - Author of “Enemies: A History of the FBI” and winner of the Pulitzer Prize.
Dr. Cheryl Sterling - Director of Black Studies, CCNY
Richard Gid Powers - Author of “G-Men:  Hoover’s FBI in American Popular Culture” and “Secrecy and Power:  The Life of J. Edgar Hoover”
Bonnie Greer - American-British critic and broadcaster