Thursday 29th October 2015

On a sunny day in the square of the Merwedeplain in Amsterdam, two 11-year-old girls met for the first time. One was a self-confessed tomboy, the other sophisticated in her fashion choices and interested in boys. Little could Anne Frank and Eva Schloss know how their carefree days in the park would soon turn to a struggle for survival and ultimate tragedy – or how their lives would become inextricably linked forever.
Now 70 years after the death of Anne Frank, a one-hour documentary from 3DD productions examines the parallel stories of the young German-born diarist and Eva Schloss, her posthumous step-sister, who has worked tirelessly to preserve Frank’s legacy.
The Diary of Anne Frank: A Tale of Two Sisters originally aired on Yesterday TV and is available to buy from Amazon on Monday. Filmed in the Netherlands and London, this fascinating one-hour special includes interviews with Schloss, Gillian Walnes, the executive director and co-founder of the Anne Frank Trust UK and Ronald Leopold, director of the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam.
Moving and thought-provoking, The Diary of Anne Frank: A Tale of Two Sisters provides a compelling insight into two girls who shared extraordinary courage and the will to survive. Tragically for Anne her life ended, but as the documentary shows the power of her words continues to endure all these years later.
The Diary of Anne Frank: A Tale of Two Sisters, £7.99, is available to buy on Amazon, LoveFilm, Zavvi and other online retailers

- Jewish News