Thursday 19th November 2015

Two new specials have been agreed by Head of Sales and Co Productions, Patricia Hickey who said, “UKTV has become such a valued partner. We’re excited to have them on board for the new projects and really looking forward to this month’s premiere of Murder Maps, which has been our biggest series to date.”

Emma Sparks, Acquisitions and Co-Productions Manager at UKTV said, “Both Hitlers Olympics and Shakespeare: The Legacy are great additions to Yesterday’s new programmes for 2016. We’re already excited about how well Murder Maps will resonate with our viewers and are delighted to be working alongside 3DD Productions once more.”

Shakespeare- The Legacy, currently in production features “Midsomer Murders” star John Nettles, exploring the life and works of Shakespeare. The programme will air in April 2016, around the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death in 1616.

Hitler’s Olympics in pre-production, acknowledges the 80th Anniversary since the start of the Berlin Olympics on August 1 1936. Compelling, frightening and relevant today. An extraordinary moment in the history of the Olympics and the power of the Nazi Party.

Both programs will air on UKTV channel Yesterday, with other international broadcasters airing world-wide