Monday 17th March 2014

Lost film, Monarch, produced and directed by BAFTA nominated John Walsh, starred Irish-born actor TP McKenna who plays Henry VIII - who in this version is without the power and control of his palace - while Upstairs Downstairs actress Jean Marsh stars as an amalgamation of his ex-wives.

The film has been painstakingly re-mastered from the original 35mm colour camera negative after it was recently discovered in a vault almost 20 years after it was originally filmed. It will be released on DVD in April.

Every frame of film has been scanned in high definition and had more than 10,000 particles removed by hand. A new sound mix was also created from the original elements.

3DD and Walsh have agreed a distribution deal for this film and his BBC documentaries including Toy Soldiers, Karate Kids and Sofa Surfers, all taken from the perspective of children as they face disability, homelessness and fathers in the army, and the C4 series Don’t Make me Angry,  and a half hour documentary on legendary film maker Ray Harryhausen he died in May 2013.